Our Name

The toughest crossword puzzles can be solved if you decipher a large horizontal word in the middle of the puzzle. In many difficult puzzles these are often around 32 or 33 across. 33Across unlocks the puzzle of quality online advertising.

Our Story

33Across is the first publisher platform with integrated solutions to unlock addressability and monetization that’s completely architected with for privacy. We enable publishers to turn cookieless inventory into addressable and relevant revenue streams without any additional lift or cost. By unifying addressability, audience segmentation, and attention publishers can easily accelerate the transition to a cookieless world.

VP of Engineering

Amey is the Vice President of Engineering at 33Across where he is responsible for building global high performing teams that deliver innovative applications to drive revenue and growth. Amey has over 15 years of extensive engineering experience in media and technology.

General Manager, Supply

Chris is the General Manager of Supply at 33Across, bringing over 15 years of experience in media and technology. With a proven track record of cultivating publisher relationships, he is responsible for fostering strategic publisher relationships at 33Across.

CEO & Co-Founder

Eric is the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of 33Across, a publisher monetization and traffic platform. He's a seasoned start-up entrepreneur and a pioneer in digital advertising, with a proven track record in creating products for marketers and publishers that increase revenue and uncover actionable insights.

VP of Marketing

Lisa is the Vice President of Marketing at 33Across where she leads the marketing strategy to drive growth. She has over 15 years of marketing experience and joined 33Across in 2014. Prior to 33Across she worked at Rakuten Advertising and Zurich North America.

General Manager, Platform

Matt is the General Manager of Platform where he is focused on the overall success of the exchange. He brings over 15 years of operational experience in the online advertising industry having held senior leadership positions at Magnite and AOL Platforms. Matt is also the author of two patents related to online advertising technology.

President & GM, Data

Paul is the President and the General Manager of Data at 33Across where he is responsible for the growth and market strategy for the company while overseeing the data business. He brings over 15 years of extensive digital media and data experience and joined 33Across as CRO in 2015.

Chief Technology Officer

Shyam is the Chief Technology Officer at 33Across where he leads a global team of engineers to continuously build innovative products and solutions that meet our customers’ high-standards and quality requirements. He brings over 20 years of software development and research experience and more than 12 years in engineering and technology leadership.